Consumer Financing

At Whitebridge, our goal is to create consumer financing programs that get more customers approved and to maximize the benefits for both your business and your customer. We concentrate our efforts in taking on more risk; allowing us to reach deeper into the credit spectrum to increase the number of approvals, and extend financing to those who most traditional lenders decline.

We have designed our consumer financing programs to be utilized as a stand-alone financing solution, or we can work in conjunction with your primary lender; giving customers with credit challenges a second look, enabling you to monetize accounts not approved by a “Super-Prime only” lender.

  • Providers and retailers selling products and/or services
  • Either offering, or would like to offer, payment plan options to their customers
  • Annual sales of  greater than $500k
  • Minimum monthly flow financing volume of $25,000
  • Retail installment (closed-end) and open-end financing
  • Customer lines of credit
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Multi-state (Nationwide) compliant
  • Rapid funding
  • Electronic funds transfer payment options
  • Fixed payments and terms
  • Maturities up to 60 months